Posture Plank is a Spinal Stretching Device

Its purpose is to enhance posture with retraining postural support muscle!



Stand Corrected For a Lifetime

Back pain is the 2nd most common reason people go to the doctor. With proper spinal function/alignment and good posture you can reduce back pain.


Breathe Easy and Improve Confidence

Improving posture can help enhance image, decrease cortisol levels, and improve power and strength.  Better airflow through your lungs improves oxygen flow to your brain and maximizes concentration levels.

How do I use my Posture Plank?

1. Primary Position

Apply the double pad just under the shoulder blades with arm pads on elbow pits. Do not overly bend elbows; just use forward pressure on wings of board to create an extension of the thoracic (mid back) spine, having palms facing forward with thumbs up. This achieves a proper anatomical position, which reduces shoulder slouch.

2. Lumbar Position

Flip Posture Plank and apply non-padded side to base of lumbar spine, just above pelvis.  Extend back and use forearm/wrist area to put pressure on unpadded wings of board.

3. Back of Head Position

Apply the double padded part of Posture Plank to back of head, holding in place with raised arms and forearms on padded wings of board. Hold pose or perform a twisting motion to enhance rotation of spine. Maintain neutral head position, not letting head lean forward.

Simply Use Posture Plank 3-4x/day at 10min intervals with all spinal stretches listed above.

*Do not use if you have preexisting spinal conditions or experience pain during use.  Do not use if you have a shoulder injury, sprain/strain, or a diagnosed shoulder problem.  Ask a qualified physician prior to use.

Meet Brian Kulbieda, DC

Posture Plank would like to thank the following for their support


When I come home from a long day at work with an aching back, the Posture Plank puts me right back into alignment.  It is such a relieve every time I use it!

Kirsten, Minneapolis

I have been using it for a little over 3 months now, 3-4 times per week for 20 min sessions.  I have decreased on going back tightness and feel a bit more conscious of my posture.  I have to attribute these changes to Dr. Kulbieda's Posture Plank!

George Pond Jr.

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